Hi! I’m Lindsey.

A small town transplant, I landed in Nashville, TN after (somehow) earning a BFA in painting from Middle Tennessee State University.

I consistently found myself procrastiworking on college projects to paint until 6AM, grabbing my sleeping bag from my locker, and catching some shut eye in the classroom before my 8AM class. (Now my studio is in my bedroom, so it works out.)

These days, I am incredibly lucky to have paintings in private collections all over the world — London, Chicago, Seattle, New York and Berlin are just some the places they call home.

I am an avid oversharer with a penchant for getting paint on everything I own. Powered by sweet tea and 90’s hop hop music, I still paint late into the night discovering ways to convey the vulnerability of my human experience on a canvas.

Here’s why.

You know those moments where you have everything planned out, and something completely derails you — this is how each one of my paintings come to life.

I start by introducing color — using water as a vehicle for the pigments.
Adding and subtracting.
I attempt (poorly) to make it turn out just so. I am constantly fighting for control and laughing because that will never be the case. All I can do is respond to where the pigment decides to land on the canvas.

My process is a balance between planned and unplanned elements, highlighting and exploring the tension inbetween.

Lisbell_061618_Stills-8 (1).jpg